The Worst SEO Advice You Should Never Take From Any Malaysia SEO Service

The Worst SEO Advice You Should Never Take From Any Malaysia SEO Service

Malaysia SEO service is great for you, but there are things you should never take from them. The worst SEO advice you should never put into consideration is use of black hat SEO techniques to increase your website’s ranking. Black hat SEO practices are highly forbidden in the sphere of blogging. As much as these techniques yield admirable results quickly, the results are not long-term. You may be encouraged to stuff your website with as many keywords as you can. This means using your keywords in every sentence in a single article. If detected, there are two penalties for this: reduction of website ranking or termination. Recovering from these penalties will cost you a great deal of time and money.

Building so many low quality or dishonest back links is a recommendation you should never apply when advised by any Malaysia SEO service especially the newly formed firms. Building links is very important when you intend to increase traffic to your website. However, it should be done right. Instead, focus on creating quality content for your website that will attract quality links from high traffic sites. If search engines detect unnatural links on your website, you will be penalized. Similarly, it is an offense to buy links cheaply to cheat search engines into ranking your website incorrectly.

Even though content is key to a website and to Search Engine Optimization, it is important to publish relevant material. Carry out an analysis of what your target audience needs hence post material that satisfies these needs. (The worst SEO advice you should) think of following is stealing content from other sites. Search engines have a way of distinguishing original content from copied one. It does not matter if you copy the material manually or using a software that rearranges the data to make it look new. Search engines will spot such mistakes and penalize appropriately.

Duplicating your content is also a mistake you should never make when optimizing your website. Whether you decide to duplicate the main content or titles only, search engines have a way of sensing this. Original and interesting content will not only attract attention online but also hold it therefore increasing traffic to your website. Avoid stuffing your press release with target keywords. Press releases serve, as great back links therefore should have fresh and useful material.

Another thing to avoid is putting a lot of emphasis on keywords. Search engines no longer highlight keywords online visitors use to find your website. This means you have to keep guessing what keywords users are likely to use. Make use of the variety of applications that make this mission possible. Monitoring the keywords that improve ranking of your website can also help you make right deductions. Besides keywords, you should not also emphasize on keyword phrases.

(The worst SEO advice you should) take note of is to believe everything your SEO expert tells you. Skilled web design malaysia SEO technicians are human beings just like anyone else and not perfect. You should not believe everything they tell you just because they are technology wizards. Your website is your investment. It is up to you to go out of your comfort zone and find out ways to improve its visibility. Improve your social networking skills and cast wide your net in the vast internet through social networks. Most online users have social network accounts through which they can share content from your website. This way, your website continues to gain more traffic and enjoy massive online presence.