The introduction of the Mobile Era and a change to SEO

Its the later half of the 2010s and smartphones has become the made hub in the world for all thing information related. The idea that any service, information and products can be attained right from the palm of a users hand, coupled with the readily available of a connection to the internet made all the more apparent with social media giving the idea that everyone is constantly connected to other s should they choose to be. With this and the speed of which one would attain information online, came the realisation of how SEO would need to updated following search engines making their own changes to appease the standards that the mainstream have placed.

Year of the Mobile – The start of the 2015 saw the rise of Mobile searched dominating the percentages beating search on any other device of that time. One problem that arose from this change in technology was the problem pertaining the size of a website on a smaller screen and to an extent a, smaller resolution for websites to be accessed on. Google embraced this change by changing its algorithm to provide more emphasis to a website that had mobile friendly standards as part of its design.

Responsive Design – Many of the sites that we know of today needed to be constantly up to date with the trends that had began to spring up as result of this addition to the search engine criteria. New websites that were beginning to rise up also needed to be mobile friendly in order to get the best out of the search engine game. With this, many sites began to make the use of Responsive Web Design which made sure that the images and elements of a site translated comfortably to the screen resolution of a mobile device.
To conclude these changes made it so that the SEO standards are constantly changing and adapting in order to make sure that users are on top when the became relevant and punished those that didn’t capitalise quick enough. If you want to make sure that you’re always prepared for the change of SEO standards, head on over to Christchurch SEO Agency.