Online Pharmacies and ECommerce

Online Pharmacies and ECommerce Malaysia

Online Pharmacies are just like what the name suggests, they are pharmacies that operate like a normal pharmacy with the exception being that online pharmacies ship a customer’s pharmaceutical needs directly to his or her doorstep.

Some online pharmacies operate solely on the internet and act very similarly as to how a fully online store does except an online pharmacy sells drugs instead of other products. Some online pharmacies such as Guardian and Watsons in Malaysia do have physical brick and mortar stores but they also have an online presence to sell pharmaceutical products to customers who prefer to do their shopping online.

Online pharmacies have made it possible to sell their products to customers in different countries. An example of how this works is seeing a customer from Singapore order some aspirins from Malaysia and getting it delivered to him in a few days. Online pharmacies typically have the same stock as traditional pharmacies and online pharmacies also may offer certain products at a discounted rate not seen in traditional pharmacies. The online pharmaceutical market in Malaysia is also aiding in the e-commerce scene and helping it grow annually.

Some complaints about online pharmacies are the safety concerns especially because it deals with health that some customers may be a little weary that the drugs sold online from online pharmacies may be illegal or not tested by the Malaysian Health Ministry. Other complaints aimed at online pharmacies are that minors can order certain drugs that may be not well suited for their consumption as there is no real way to properly check if an adult or minor is buying it. Claims may not be claimable if a drug is from Canada for example while the recipient is located in Malaysia. The last concern is that of a potential for lack of confidentiality as other people can know what type of product a customer is purchasing from the packaging of the parcel.

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